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It was this big, honest...! Malta is a classic spot for some sea fishing. Hang out on a boat with the boys, sink many beers and bait your lines. It's time to catch the freshest seafood dinner you ever tasted!

For lads who like to cast and reel, sea fishing is a stag weekend winner. You get to swap stories of old catches, grill your experienced skipper on the local marine life, and visit the best waters in Malta.

By night, the island pulses with serious club life. During the day, it's a choice between adrenaline activities and sleepy afternoons in the sun! Leave the wilder activities to the crazy people. Real fishermen know the only way to cure a stag weekend hangover is by staring at a bit of fishing line and drinking some more beer.

Maltese weather is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome, and with a local captain on board to lead you to the current best fishing grounds, you've got a higher than average chance of landing something special! Bring your own beer, whang it in the chiller and apply much suntan lotion. It's time to slow down to island pace...

In a nutshell:

  • Stag weekend fishing trip off Malta
  • Local skipper
  • Boat charter
  • Fuel included
  • All equipment
  • Beer cooler
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