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Why waste time trying to find the best clubs in Malta, when we can do it for you? Get the boys together for one epic sendoff, and enjoy guest list entry to the hottest club in town.

Paceville plays host to most of the big Maltese nightclubs, including epic venues whose decks regularly welcome international DJs.

With a pumping club scene and a distinctly Balearic island vibe, Malta is a home away from home for house legends including Paul Oakenfold and Tiesto. Glowsticks out and hands in the air, chaps. Things are about to get a bit mental.

Don't wait until the night to get your stag party in to one of Malta's top clubs. Chances are the door staff will turn away a big group of lads on a bender. The smart move is to book your tickets in advance, with our guaranteed entry pass. As long as you're not too hammered, you'll be waved straight in!

A good night is expected on a stag party. Arranging it isn't as easy as it looks! If you've never been to Malta, finding the best venue for your group can be a nightmare. Leave everything to us, and you'll get the night out you want, not the night out you had to settle for.

In a nutshell:

Guaranteed nightclub entry for your stag party

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