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If you thought Sphering was hilarious, just wait until you've tried playing the Sphering Games...

Updating the modern stag party classic, Sphering games take the tried-and-tested formula of chucking you down a hill in an inflatable hamster ball, and add a brilliant element of competition to the mix! You'll play five a side football, British Bulldog and other playground favourites - whilst completely encased in a huge blow-up plastic sphere!

The only bits of you left free to help are your legs, from the knees down. It's like being a drunk Weeble. You will wobble, and you will fall down!

One of the funniest things you can do on a stag party, and completely safe thanks to the inflatable padding everyone wears, the Sphering Games is the ideal hangover beater. No headache or hissy fit can survive for long in the face of such hilarity!

We love the fact that Sphering literally levels the playing field. Doesn't matter how athletic or skilled you are, when you're flat on your back in a huge air-filled ball fancy footwork goes right out the window...

In a nutshell:

  • 1-2 hours of Sphering
  • Multiple games
  • Pitch and equipment hire
  • Referees
  • Minimum 10 people please
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