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Fed up of standard paintball sessions? Don't want to worry about rain on the big Saturday afternoon of your stag weekend? Swap camo gear and mud for zombies and mutants in this epic indoor paintball experience!

It's 2025. The nuclear apocalypse has finally happened, razing much of Manchester to the ground. Only a small portion of the city remains, walled in by the survivors to protect themselves from freaks and the undead horrors roaming the land. Using your wits (and 100 paintballs), can you survive as they breach the fortifications and roam the wasted streets?

Over 30,000 sq feet of awesomely designed urban terrain, you'll battle it out with your mates and the monsters of the apocalypse in a series of hardcore games! Can you break your comrades out of jail before a mad jury sends them to their deaths? Will you hit the mutant in the heart and stop him in his tracks, or fire wide of the mark and get stomped?

From redesigned games of Flag Capture and Stag Hunt to an awesome zombie attack, Manchester's indoor paintball option is truly nail-biting. You'll be quoting your favourite lines from Xbox and Playstation classics in no time. Come get some.

In a nutshell:

  • 100 paintballs
  • Original game scenarios
  • Play a selection of apocalypse-themed challenges
  • Players are not guaranteed to complete all game scenarios in the allotted time
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Indoor Paintballing

  • Indoor Paintballing
  • Bar and Club Entry
  • Lap Dancing Club Entry
  • 1 Night 4 Star Accommodation

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