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Fancy seeing some of Manchester's hottest spots on your stag weekend? Don't want to lose out on valuable drinking time? Lads, we have the answer! Ultimate Stag Treasure Hunt lets you see the sights without stopping the manly fun. Are you ready?

Basically a treasure hunt and sightseeing jaunt punctuated by dares and drinking, the Ultimate Stag Treasure Hunt is the only way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Manchester. Check out famous locations like the Northern Quarter and Piccadilly. Get to know the historic buildings of the Printworks area. See the legendary Hacienda. But most importantly, embarrass yourselves in front of ladies!

Some of the dares in the challenge are sporting in nature, some require you to do hilarious things like recreating over the top goalscoring celebrations in crowded shopping centres. But most of them rely on the one thing a stag weekend doesn't usually have: women! Can you convince sexy strangers to pose for photos with you? Will your flirting lead to hilarious video footage or total disaster?

It's not all hotties and hilariousness, though. Three times during your treasure hunt, the beer alarm will go off - and that means you stop what you're doing and grab a cold one in the nearest pub. Where you drink is up to you. Toast the success of the stag weekend, and get up some Dutch courage for the next loony dare on the list!

In a nutshell:

  • Stag weekend treasure hunt with dares
  • Photo and video challenges
  • 3 pub breaks
  • Off Limits accepts no responsibility for injuries incurred during sporting dares
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