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More 'woah' than 'phwoar', the anti stripper is Marbella's answer to the stag who's seen it all! Roly poly, ugly, ancient or scary, these girls know how to make a man think twice about straying from his lady.

Definitely one you can tell the Mrs, an anti stripper is enough to put the groom off extracurricular activities for life. Marbella has all sorts of crazy girls to make your best mate's eyes pop out of his head, including extra large strippers and extra old strippers.

The girls are all loads of fun, and definitely give you value for money! We reckon booking a surprise anti-stripper for Saturday morning is the best if you want a laugh. Or, if you're feeling kind, you could start off with a hilarious granny before revealing the regular stripper you've booked for afters!

Guaranteed to give your boy the shock of his life, these ladies are the ultimate stag weekend joke.

We can book you an anti stripper for a private show in your Marbella apartment, or in any participating venue. Your stag weekend co-ordinator will be able to tell you where you can unleash the beast without getting arrested!

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