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This activity is no longer available.

Please see our Yacht Charter instead.

There is no better way on God's green earth to destroy last night's headache. Doesn't matter what kind of hangover you've got after your first stag night out in Marbella - the Gremlin Boogie, the Cement Mixer, the Broken Compass - a swift smash on the ocean waves with our Power Boat package will destroy them all. And 'swift' really is the operative word.

Tuned to achieve speeds that would have a Maserati raising its eyebrows, your stag party's own personal pocket rocket will take you across the glorious waters of the Costa del Sol, in search of an adrenaline junkie's Nirvana.

Some theorise the reason a Power Boat trip is so effective at destroying even the heaviest stag party hangover is that it's so fast it leaves your headache behind. We reckon it's more likely to be the rush of blood and oxygen to the head, caused by all that G Force. Either way, you'll return to the shores of Marbella a changed man - bright of eye, bushy of tail and ready to take on all comers in a spirited evening of beverage-related dares. So what are you waiting for? Arise, good sir, like a phoenix from the waves. It's time for round 2!

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