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Check out cooking classes for stag parties in Marrakech if the groom fancies himself as the next Jamie Oliver. Ever watched Masterchef and thought you could do better? Now's your chance to roll up your sleeves and learn how to make the perfect tagine from scratch. Moroccan cuisine is all about slow cooking and spices, which makes it ideal for a stag do.

More accessible than Indian and way more exciting than Italian, Moroccan food is simple to prepare and literally explodes with flavour. Some of the most widely eaten foods are big British favourites like chicken, lamb, beef, fluffy couscous, almonds, apricots and pastries. However, cooking classes in Marrakech will teach you how to bring these ingredients to life with things like cinnamon, honey, coriander, parsley, lemon, paprika and good old salt and pepper.

It doesn't matter if some people coming on your stag do don't know one end of a steamer from the other. Cooking classes cover the basics and some of the best Moroccan dishes can be ready to eat in minutes.

Cooking classes for stag parties visiting Marrakech include instruction, all ingredients and cooking utensils. All you need is a big appetite and a love of really good food made using fresh ingredients.

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