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Munich's one of Germany's most cosmopolitan and trendy cities - so it's no surprise that some of the best casinos in the country can be found here! Get your best gambling clobber out, school the boys in the tips and tricks of playing it cool, and make like a pro for a high class evening of rolling with the big guns.

You'll get entry to a top casino located right in the middle of Munich, and an English speaking guide to help you with the important stuff - placing bets, ordering drinks and talking to the ladies. After you've learned a few of the basic moves, and got the hang of the casino, your guide will leave you to it for a night of talking big and playing hard!

A casino night is a great way to combine high jinks with a good old fashioned stag weekend theme. Do movie stars for a combo theme, or go with a single film - Casino Royale, perhaps? - for something simple. Top rule: if you do James Bond, you all have to drink Martinis all night. No arguments, and no stirring.

A casino night works equally well as a Friday or Saturday night stag party activity. Make it the main event, or use it as a warm up to clubbing. Place your bets, gentlemen!

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