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It's stags on ice! Munich's ice skating disco is pure Cheddar. Classic comedy moments come thick and fast at this place. Bend ze knees, don't look at your feet, let go of the barrier and you'll be whizzing round the rink like Olympic Gold medallist Robin Cousins. Sort of.

Bumbling idiot on the ice? A terrible debut at the ice skating disco could end up working to your advantage. A hot girl is bound to take pity on you, fall for the British charm and take you for a spin. Play your cards right and her mates will follow suit and get the entire stag party skating.

Munich's ice skating disco provides an unmissable opportunity to thoroughly humiliate the stag and take some brilliant photos for the Facebook album. Get the groom in a sparkly ice dancing dress and tights, slap on buckets of fake tan, record his finest ice skating moments and upload the lot to YouTube. That's your stag do stitch up sorted. Go the whole hog and show the video at the wedding reception. Might as well get as much mileage out of it as possible!


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