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Traditional German food could have been made specifically for stag parties. We've got you a two hour table reservation in a centrally located Munich tavern, where you'll be treated to a slap up Bavarian banger of epic proportions! Think schnitzel, dumplings, potatoes, and pungent salads - plus some beautifully crafted beer to wash it all down. If you can think of a better way to start a night out on a stag weekend, we'd like to know about it!

The food and beer aren't the only delicious things on offer in this restaurant. For a small extra charge, you can add a stripper or a lesbian show to your traditional German dinner. Go for a single stripper to put a smile on the groom's face you won't be able to wipe off all weekend - no matter how hard you try to prank him! Go for the double whammy of a steaming hot lesbian show if you want him still grinning like a loon come his actual wedding day. Just don't tell the Mrs why he's so happy!

The girls, like the food, are authentically tasty German - not an artificial additive in sight, and perfectly prepared. Make sure you leave room for seconds!

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