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Fuzzy headed after a big night on those Munich brews? It's time to get your brain back in the game. And there's no better way to do it than with a wet and wicked session at one of the city's most popular haunts. Situated on a lake just outside of Munich, this watersports centre offers water skiing and wakeboarding on a cable setup, which lets you do laps of the water to your heart's content! Get your stag party back in the zone with some fun-filled carving, then relax at a bar and watch the local lovelies taking a turn in the water...!

Cable skiing (and wakeboarding) is a stroke of genius, which takes the speedboat out of the equation and makes the whole experience much more affordable. You'll be zipped around the lake's edge on a line similar to a ski lift, and if you fall off all you have to do is swim to the edge of the lake (not very far at all) and go back to the start. They've got some matting down for bare feet, and there's even a man made beach complete with massive parasols and beach loungers.

You get two hours of water skiing and wakeboarding, plus an instructor who'll show your stag party all the moves. By the time you've towelled off and come back to Munich, you'll be a pro!

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