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You could just visit St James's Park. You could take a ball and have a kickabout in Paddy Freeman's Park. You could play bubble football. But let us tell you - none of them would be what you want. This is a Newcastle stag do. You need a real showstopper. Something that will literally make the lads sit up and take notice. They'll stand to attention when they realise this is no ordinary game and that two of you will be able to give the players electric shocks at will!

Football has rules. Those will be upheld by the ref but the guys with the devices can pretty much ignore them. And they can shock the ref for handing out yellow and red cards. The ref has a bit of power but really, the hand that holds the gadget controls the game.

You will be crazy with all the power but before you shock the same player for the 10th time in two minutes, remember that everyone gets a turn. When the whistle goes, you might be handing your buzzers to him!

Play a few games, laugh lots, jump around when you get shocked, and finish feeling more than a bit wired. That's ok though as there's a post-game bottle of bubbly to smash and a whole bunch of pubs and bars to discover, you're al lset for an epic stag do night out!

You might not remember every pub and bar you hit on the Newcastle stag do but you definitely won't forget electric shock football. Sign up and prepare for some proper carnage!

In a nutshell:

  • Private electric shock football event in Newcastle
  • Pitch hire is included
  • Equipment is supplied
  • Group photo
  • *Everyone in the group must be over 18!
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Electric Shock Football

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