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It's a Knockout meets Game of Thrones! Go medieval on the groom with a spot of stag party jousting in Newcastle. The inflatable version of the old school tournament is comedy genius. Bash your mates with soft pugil sticks instead of lances. The crown jewels will be completely safe.

The aim remains the same: knock your opponent off his horse (padded pole) and claim victory. The winner is the bold stag who remains sitting on his pole whilst the other guy rolls around on the crash mat.

Brilliant fun and great for getting the banter going, jousting takes place at a site with excellent facilities a short drive from Newcastle city centre. You'll get out of town for long enough to cure your hangovers, smash the headache with a few rounds of total hilarity, and still be back in the 'toon in time for evening beers and a big night out.

If you're feeling really mean, stitch up the stag with a jester outfit. Get the cameras out and start Tweeting images of the groom to be looking like a right plonker. Remember, lads, this is a competition as well as a stag party. Who will be crowned victor and who will yield?

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