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This is the stag challenge we've all been waiting for! If you're planning a Newcastle stag weekend, get the groom's name down. Newcastle's spiciest hot wing challenge takes place in the city's favourite sports bar. Will the man of the moment be able to scoff 20 stupidly hot chicken wings in 20 minutes?

Any stag who can polish off all 20 in the time limit will get his mug on Newcastle's infamous 'Wall of Flame' and be presented with an 'I took on the hot wings challenge and won!' t-shirt as a testament to his manliness.

Five ice cold beers are included to temper the fire. Milk and ice will be on emergency standby.

The first 10 wings are described as 'mild' but that's an understatement. The final 10 are insane, blanketed in a top secret sauce made with 11 different varieties of chilli. Even seasoned chilli heads will have trouble polishing off the lot without the spice wall getting in the way.

Smartphones at the ready, people. This is one stag party meal you won't want to leave off the record!

Top tip: eat fast, and don't think about what's coming next. Once it's in your mouth, you've already got the job half done. As the actress said to the bishop!

Inspired by the brilliant TV show Man V Food, the Newcastle hot wing challenge is priceless stuff. Get the entire stag party involved and take over the bar.

Loosen belts and prepare palates for the ultimate face-off.

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