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Lads! We present the antidote to predictable kart rallies and impossible 4WD challenges. Forget floundering around in the mud or whizzing about on a mobile hairdryer. If you've really got the balls for motorsports, do it properly with a stunt driving afternoon. How about that for a slice of deep fried brilliance?

This stunt driving course doesn't do things by halves. On a purpose built track just outside Newcastle, you lot will get to power slide, handbrake turn, parallel handbrake park and wheel spin to your heart's content. Your stag party is in for a treat!

The instructors are the mutt's nuts: lads and lasses who've done it all behind the wheel of stunt cars all over the world. They've driven in the movies, appeared on Top Gear - you name it, the guys who'll be teaching you this stuff have burned rubber for real. They'll show you how to control the latest Minis and BMW sports coupes in a series of brake-busting challenges, culminating in Donut Roulette. Can you hold your own in a six wheeled purpose built skid truck, pulling donuts on a stunt course?

This is the stag party equivalent of a Top Gear challenge, and it's unbeatable fun for your Saturday afternoon in Newcastle!

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Stunt Driving

This Package Includes

  • Stunt Driving
  • Bar Crawl
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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