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If you want a no messin', hard drinking, crazy stag do, tequila tasting in Newcastle city centre will do the trick. Six different tequilas and blind tasting will definitely get you on the road to a rip-roaring night on the Toon. Bigg Market won't know what's hit at when you lot rock up after tequila tasting!

Prepare to have your perceptions about Mexico's national drink challenged. Veiled in mystery and ancient Indian legend, tequila has been responsible for all sorts of crazy shizzle! An expert will explode a few myths and reveal the truth behind the tequila worm whilst racking up shots for your blind taste test.

Your mission is to match each tequila to the right notes on the tasting sheet. Can you tell a blanco from a joven tequila? How about aged from ultra-aged?

Find out which guy on the stag do has done the most horribly embarrassing thing after one too many slammers, and have a go at mixing a classic tequila drink.

It might not make you happy, but tequila tasting will certainly give your stag night in Newcastle a huge injection of fun! Expand your knowledge of hard spirits and then head off to Collingwood Street or over to the Quayside for fun, games and epic drinking with the Toon's finest!

Tequila tasting in Newcastle includes:

  • 90-minute session at a city centre bar
  • 6 tequilas
  • 2-part blind taste test
  • Facts, fiction and folklore
  • Certificates
  • 1 final shot
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Tequila Tasting

This Package Includes

  • Tequila Tasting
  • Casino Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

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