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Why waste time hunting down a bunch of different activities for day two of your Newquay stag do, when you could sort the lot in one easy hit? This awesome adventure day is exactly what you need to keep the lads entertained!

Combining balls-out terror with beach fun and a tasty BBQ, your adventure day takes up 5-6 hours. That's good for an entire morning and afternoon of epic hangover cures!

Challenge the lads to take on the two most terrifying stag do activities in Newquay-the tightline walk, and the beach abseil. Then unwind with grilled food and a beach volleyball match. This is all about ramping up the adrenaline, then chilling in the sun.

The tightline walk is probably the scariest stag do activity in the South West, if not the whole country. You're harnessed and safe, but that doesn't mean anything when you're up on a tightrope wire, trying to walk across it without falling off! There's a 150 ft drop beneath you, enough to break anyone's concentration.

The beach abseil is similarly ball-shrivelling. This time, you'll be asked to walk backwards off the edge of a cliff, then descend to the sand 120 ft below. Qualified instructors are there to egg you on, but at the end of the day it's only you who can muster the guts to get it done!

Scare yourselves silly. Play volleyball. And reward yourselves with BBQ food.

In a nutshell:

  • 5-6 hours
  • Tightline walk and beach abseil
  • Beach volleyball
  • BBQ
  • Banana boat ride
  • Qualified instruction
  • All safety gear
  • Wear suitable trainers and loose-fitting clothes
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