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Master the ancient sport of archery in the lush Cornish countryside. Could you give Robin Hood something to worry about? Grab a bow, nock an arrow and see if you've got the icy cool, strength, speed and control to hit static and 3D targets. Ideal for a stag do, archery brings out the old hunting and survival instinct. Nothing beats that satisfying 'whomp!' when the arrow smacks straight into the bullseye!

Never tried archery before? No worries. We know a great activity site a very short drive from the middle of Newquay where you can learn the basics and then show off your newfound skills by having a bash at more challenging targets.

Every great stag do needs a little healthy competition to get the testosterone charging! When you've smashed the practice targets, the instructors will throw a couple of curved balls into the mix, like hanging targets and 3D targets that mess with your brain big time! See who can bring it on under pressure and rack up the most points.

Let the best man win!

Outdoor pursuits are a massive deal in Newquay. If you don't fancy wriggling into a wetsuit and surfing Fistral's competition-standard waves, archery is an excellent alternative.

In a nutshell:

  • Private archery lesson (90 minutes)
  • Qualified instructors
  • Recurve bows, arrows, arm guards and gloves
  • Introduction to archery
  • Master the basic archery shot
  • Practice session with easy targets
  • Progress to 3D and hanging targets
  • Games and competitions
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