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Remember British Bulldog? Thought Run the Gauntlet was a thing of the past? Think again! We've found the best hangover cure in Newquay, and it's all about going back to the schoolyard. Only on the beach. With a bunch of genuine mentalists running the games. Boys, welcome to the most fun a stag party can have by the seaside!

The 'bumper' in Bumper Ball Games refers to the inflatable Zorb you will be wearing while you take part in the games. Run for the opposition's home area with just your legs free, bounce around in the sand and get bulldogged by the groom's dad. You'll be so busy laughing you won't no what's hit you!

The staff who run the Body Sphering are a bunch of loonies, legendary for their ability to get very fragile stag parties back in the mood for fun. With Newquay famed for its epic nights out, you'll need something special to rediscover your enthusiasm on day two. This is the perfect solution.

In between crazy bouts of Bulldog, Across the German Lines or Run the Gauntlet, you'll get the chance to splash around in the ocean. Newquay is blessed with some of the warmest water and most beautiful beaches in the UK. Enjoy!

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fancy border Sumo and Sphering

Sumo and Sphering

  • Body Sphering
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Beer Burger and Babes
  • 2 Nights Surf Lodge Accommodation

From £178.00

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fancy border Body Sphering

Body Sphering

  • Body Sphering
  • BBQ
  • Accommodation

From £116.00

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