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Forget skydiving, Alton Towers requires real balls of solid steel! If you want whacking great thrills on your Nottingham stag weekend, Alton Towers will deliver. Big time. We'll get you a sweet deal on group day tickets. Experience the ultimate rush without breaking the bank. Alton Towers has everything from vertical drops to dark rides. Reckon you can take the top theme park in Britain? Only one way to find out. Get your names down, hold tight, and scream if you want to go faster!

If the groom's a proper adrenaline junkie, he'll love Alton Towers. Nottingham stag weekend ideas don't get much more exciting than this badass theme park. Feel the blood pound and adrenaline hit you right in the chest as you face rides like Oblivion and the mighty Nemesis! Gulp as you reach the top point of the ride and feel every nerve buzz as you shoot down a sheer drop. Alton Towers will put you through your paces. Are you ready for thrills that will shock your body and blow your mind? Do all the most intense rides and head back to Nottingham feeling epic.

Alton Towers will be a big Nottingham stag weekend highlight. If Robin Hood had a stag, he'd sack off archery and ride rollercoasters with big balls!

In brief:

  • Day tickets to Alton Towers
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Alton Towers

  • Alton Towers Day
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

From £170.00

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