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Line up, ladies! It's dodgeball time. Get stuck into the sport that's all about ganging up on the weaker ones. Robin Hood wouldn't get it. But balls to him, he's not coming. Archery ain't the only activity in Nottingham. If you want something that turns chilled chaps into competitive monsters, do dodgeball. Stag parties lock horns in a series of games that involve pelting the hell out of each other with plastic balls. Get stuck into at least 60 minutes of balls-out dodgeball action. Sweat and tears will be shed. There will be roaring. Snarling. Baring of teeth. The full works.

Here's the drill, as explained in the trailer for the 2004 movie Dodgeball: 'Make sure you pick the bigger, stronger kids for your team. That way you can all gang up on the weaker ones.' That's basically it on the tactics front. The rest is down to speed and stamina. Good luck with that after a messy stag night in Nottingham town centre!

One of the UK's most popular destinations for a stag do, Nottingham has it all. Competitive activities like dodgeball, a town centre that's easy to navigate, shedloads of pubs in Hockley and the Lace Market, and a statue of football legend Brian Clough. This city is stag heaven! Get yourselves off to the East Midlands for dodgeball and find out what all the fuss is about.

Gimp outfits optional!

In a nutshell:

  • 60 or 90-minute dodgeball tournament
  • Pitch or indoor court hire
  • Instructors/hosts
  • Multiple games, including 'Gang Up on the Groom'
  • Team strip or fancy dress is ok
  • 8 players minimum
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