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Can you escape from a spooky locked room in one hour?

Give the big man a killer stag do with Escapologic, Nottingham's trickiest team challenge! Here's how it works: you lot have 60 minutes to solve the clues, puzzles, riddles and mysteries locked within an eerie themed room.

Choose Contraption and get inside the mind of a mad scientist to break out. Select Cryptic and we'll get medieval on your asses! Both rooms are cloaked in darkness and contain all sorts of props, mysterious machines, secrets and surprises that'll make even the toughest stag shiver with fear.

The whole stag party will jump when the door slams behind you and the key turns in the lock with a foreboding clunk! Keep your cool and check out the items in the room as your eyes get accustomed to the gloom. What's behind those doors? Is something nasty lurking in the chamber? Why did the scientist leave in such a hurry?

All will be revealed! But will you solve the mystery in time or will the room claim some fresh souls?

The essentials:

  • Escape rooms located in Nottingham Lace Market
  • Teams solve clues to break out of a themed room in one hour
  • Variety of rooms to choose from
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  • Escapologic
  • Indian Meal
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • 1 Night Crash Pad

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