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Who's the best driver in your stag party? Find out once and for all by taking Powerturns for a spin round our Nottingham off road driving site. These twin-engine dragsters can do donuts, pull wheelies at top speed and spin on corners. The question is: can you control one?

Powerturns don't have steering wheels or pedals. They're two-wheel drive off road buggies are controlled by two levers. That's it. Both drive wheels are powered at different speeds, which means you can corner, spin and hit angles at speed. Minds will be blown and adrenaline levels maxed out.

Pair up with another member of your stag party for the main event: the slalom course. Take one lever each and bust a gut laughing as you try and get round the course without hitting the markers or spinning out. Frustrating, funny and brilliant for banter, Powerturns are the best thing to hit the Nottingham driving scene since Rage buggies.

Stag Party Sessions Include:

  • 1 hour of drive time
  • Briefing and instruction
  • Vehicle hire
  • Safety gear
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fancy border Need For Speed

Need For Speed

This Package Includes

  • Powerturns
  • Rage Buggies
  • Micro Quads
  • Bungee Running
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation

From £163.00

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