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We want YOU!

Can you survive our stag party boot camp? Round up the troops and head to our Nottingham HQ for a triple event challenge that makes men out of maggots. Conquer our assault course and beasting station before suiting up for laser tag. The 'Sarge is waiting to put you through your paces.

Assault Course

A fitting challenge for any self-respecting stag party, our assault course combines classic obstacles with rugged Nottingham countryside. You know the drill, gents: under the scramble net, across the Burma bridge, climb the high wall and swing over the wide ravine.

In true military style, no man will be left behind. Every soldier in the squad has to conquer each station on the assault course before the whole team can move on.

Laser Tag

Paintball minus the pain and bruising. Suit up, split into teams and battle it out in a classic combat scenario. You'll be armed with the latest infra-red guns and lightweight power packs.

Beasting Station

Survive this and your stag night will be a walk in the park! The 'Sarge will test your mental and physical mettle with push-ups, sprints and other treats. Grit your teeth, roar like John Rambo and smash the challenge.

Duration: 3 hours
Minimum group size: 10.

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