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Get into the rhythm of the Palma lifestyle with a cocktail making class - the perfect way to disguise getting hammered in the afternoon as an educational experience!

We'll take your stag party to one of the most popular bars in the Balearic capital, where you'll be put through your paces by expert mixologists. Learn how to muddle, mix and bounce classic cocktails, and neck everything you make for an unbeatable headstart on an evening of Mediterranean mayhem!

Ladies love a suave, sophisticated cocktail bartender. Pick up the patter and keep it together as the booze goes down. You'll be able to put your newfound skills to the test in Palma de Mallorca's bars and clubs as the night goes on...

A cocktail making class is more than just your chance to start drinking hard and early! With lads from all over coming together to celebrate the big man's final fling, it's a great way to break the ice, get to know each other and form that all-important stag party bond. Mix it up with a few priceless competitions and cocktail games, and you'll be a real band of brothers by the time you head out to sample the delights of Palma's nightlife.

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