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Palma is the ultimate stag weekend destination for lads who want to live the beach lifestyle for a couple of days. Sea, sun, and - well, you know the rest. What happens in Palma stays in Palma. Unless you're blasting across the ocean on a jet ski, of course. Then you take as many photos as you can, and upload them for the world to see!

Jet skiing is one of the most awesome stag weekend activities there is. Doing this is like being a secret agent on holiday! Zip across the amazing blue waters of Palma's coast, throwing up giant sheets of spray and totally being the centre of attention. With chicks in bikinis absolutely everywhere, pulling off epic turns on a jet ski is bound to get you noticed.

There aren't too many stag weekend spots where you can live it up like Bond on a break. Make the most of Palma's lush coastline, and get involved with some seriously adrenaline-charged watersports! Jet skiing is the last word in supercharged adventure activities. To get full control of the craft, you have to give it some speed. In other words: the slower you go, the harder it is. Set the throttle to maximum, and prepare to impress the locals.

In a nutshell:

  • Jet ski lesson
  • 20 minutes on the jet ski
  • 2 people per ski
  • Safety briefing and instruction
  • All equipment
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