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Afraid to jump out of a plane? Don't want to blow the whole stag weekend budget on a single activity? Doesn't matter. We've found the perfect daytime option, combining serious adrenaline with total safety and budget-busting affordability.

The name of this awesome activity? Indoor skydiving. The boys get to feel what it's like to hurl themselves out of a plane without actually having to go up in the sky and do it. There are no restrictions on group size, and even the most timid of stag party guests will absolutely love it!

Here's how it works: you step into a vertical tube, with a strong updraft coming from the fans under the floor below. The air catches you and holds you up, just like wind resistance in the real thing.

With a bit of practice in this central Paris adventure centre, you'll be able to turn, manoeuvre and even fly from point to point. Everyone will get a full safety briefing and training before they make the leap. Then it's all screaming like girls and grinning like idiots as you fly around the tube!

We reckon this is one of the best stag party activities we've ever seen. It's easy, it's an insane amount of fun, and it gets the heart pumping like mad. Perfect.

Your Paris indoor skydiving package includes:

  • 2 and a half minutes' flight per stag party member
  • Full safety briefing and instructions
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