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Nothing says France like a proper wine tasting. We're talking fine fruity reds, light playful whites and roses bold enough to make a brave man weep. Put a bit of style into your Paris stag do: get involved with a degustation and unleash the inner vintner in you all. Or you could just get trolleyed on brilliant booze. Either way, this one's a winner.

We've arranged for you to get up close and personal with five different varieties of classic French wine, in a centrally located Paris establishment. This is no backstreet bar, but a well-known spot that attracts lovers of fine wine and food from all over the world.

You get a private room, with your very own sommelier on hand to guide you through the finer points of wine tasting: the bouquet, the body, the flavour. After two hours of world-class tuition, you'll be able to appreciate the differences in region and varietal, and have a good understanding of how wine and food complement each other. Plus you'll be drunk, which is always a bonus on a stag weekend.

Get the jump on the evening part of your Paris stag do with something a bit different.

Your Paris wine tasting package includes:

  • 2 hours' tasting
  • A private room in a central Paris establishment
  • Your own sommelier
  • Tasting notes
  • Five different wines
  • Glass of champagne each
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