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Get medieval on your stag do with an archery class! The boys will love the chance to get out in the fresh air and wield deadly weapons. And you get to make the stag dress up in tights, like a prize idiot. Sorry, yeoman. Leave Plovdiv behind for the day, and let battle commence!

Archery isn't as easy as it looks. You need to control the draw of the bowstring, and release with confidence if you're going to hit the target. First things first, though. How are you going to nock the arrow, or hold the string? Go for the classic Mediterranean draw, which uses the first two fingers of your pulling hand, for maximum control. Or try the Mongolian draw if you want to be a hardass (just be warned, you might lose a finger)!

You'll need to sort your stance as well, if you want the arrow to fly straight and true. Watch carefully as your experienced instructor sets up and fires in the side-on stance. Keeping your body at 90 degrees to the target helps your aim, and reduces the risk of clipping your face or arm with the string.

Have you got the strength and skill to be a true man of the forest? Or are you a city boy at heart? An afternoon's archery in the woods outside Plovdiv will soon sort the deadly dudes from the damp squibs. Perfect for the stag do that wants something really different.

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