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Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?

Gentlemen, welcome to the granddaddy of all stag party shooting afternoons! Forget .22 calibre handguns or venues that only give you one or two assault weapons to choose from. If you really want to go home with the title of Bad Motherf**er, you've got to mix it up. We present the Dirty Harry Shoot 'Em Up: the biggest, baddest slice of mayhem in Plovdiv!

Action movie fans will be frothing at the mouth when they get their hands on the legendary Magnum. The .44 mother of all argument-settlers packs a punch so powerful it can blow a target to shreds with a single hit! Break out your best one-liners and set the facial muscles to sneer. If you can hit the bullseye with this bad boy, you've earned the right to use Harry's name!

The Magnum isn't the only piece of legendary artillery on the menu for your stag party. Fans of shoot 'em up N64 classic Goldeneye will recognise the Makarov, and as for the Remington - well, let's just say you've seen it in every film made in the last 30 years! The original pump action shotgun, it'll have you quipping and reloading like a ten year old on a Hollywood soundstage. Groovy.

Your Plovdiv Dirty Harry Shoot 'Em Up package includes expert tuition.

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Dirty Harry Shoot Em Up

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