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The stag party meal is more than just an opportunity to refuel, regroup and get the energy levels up for a night of serious celebration. It's your chance to have all the lads in one place, without the distractions of night clubs and strip clubs and drinking games. Well, it would be, if it wasn't for the stripper. What can we say? Stag parties and boobies just go together!

We'll book you into a central Plovdiv restaurant for an unforgettable feast. Tuck into hearty portions of local classics like kebabs (the real thing, not the greasy nightmare you get at 2 a.m. from your high street takeaway!), grilled meats, stews and potato balls. Quaff some local Mavrud (red wine from Thrace), and toast the groom with a beer. When the eating's done and the banter's in full swing, a Bulgarian beauty will drop her clothes for your pleasure!

This is the ultimate stag party dinner, and a perfect way to kick off a weekend of misbehaving in Plovdiv. If the stag is up for it (and to be fair, if he isn't), the stripper will get him well and truly involved in the act. Keep your cameras in your pocket and your hands to yourselves, boys. This one's for the eyes only!

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