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No stag do is complete without paintballing. It's that simple. The original stag activity, and still one of the best, paintballing combines competition and adrenaline with good old fashioned fun. Plus you get to shoot the pants off the stag and upload photos of him covered in paint. Winner!

The backdrop is one of the best things about paintballing in Plovdiv. Even battle-hardened pros will find themselves hollering like big kids as they dive for cover in the densely wooded underbrush of the Bulgarian countryside. There are hollows, streams, ancient trees and clearings. Re-enacting your favourite war movies has never felt more convincing!

An all-natural arena is perfect for the classic paintball games. You get to play them all, from Capture the Flag to Paint the Stag. And you don't even have to be conservative with your ammo. If you run out of balls, you can always buy more on site.

Let off all that pre-wedding steam in a colourful war of wits and skill. Make a pact to pop the groom every time he moves. However you play your paintball, you'll come back to Plovdiv fired up and feeling like new. Stag do war games have never been this good.

Add a BBQ and some beers for the full package!

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This Package Includes

  • Paintballing
  • Casino Night
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

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