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Jack Ryan or Dirty Harry? Either way, you'll find plenty of firepower to satisfy when you take your stag do out to a shooting range in Poznan. For a handful of Zloty you get to pull the trigger on everything from the legendary .357 Magnum to Dragunov sniper rifles. Our shooting range package gives you gun rental plus ammunition, so you're good to go: just turn up, get through the safety briefing and start blasting!

Your stag do is your last chance to do real boy stuff, so grab the opportunity with both hands. If you always wanted to know what it was like to unload a full clip while screeching 'Top of the world, Ma!', now's your chance to find out. Choose between the legendary Kalashnikov AK-47 or the light, efficient Uzi - or heck, fire 'em both. You'll be cutting your paper targets in half with a hail of bullets before you can say 'Get some'.

For the chance to brag bigtime, go for a sniper rifle and see if you can put a hole through the bullseye from longer distances. While your mates are playing Full Metal Jacket, you'll be humming the theme tune from Day of the Jackal. Question is, which one will you be: Bruce Willis or Edward Fox?

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