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Poznan's got everything you need for a classic stag weekend - wild driving and shooting activities, quality local grub and of course hot Polish girls! Book some strippers in advance, and take advantage of awesome prices and guaranteed brilliant routines.

No-one wants to see someone's nan tottering through a half-assed strip show. Make sure your best mate gets the sendoff he deserves with real, natural Polish beauties who know how to make a man happy!

By booking before you leave the UK, you get to control where your strip show takes place, how many girls you get and how much you pay.

Leave the last-minute disappointments to less organised fellers, and you can boast about the sights you saw in Poznan until the day you die. Just don't tell the Mrs, or you'll be out on your ear faster than you can say 'white cotton panties'!

We only use reputable stripper agencies for our strip shows, and regularly shop around to make sure you're getting the most boob and backside action for your money! Expect routines that will turn even the most jaded gentleman's club attendee into a drooling mess.

Our girls will perform for your stag weekend in multiple locations, and you can book all sorts of themed shows too. From sexy chambermaids to surprise police visits, we've got the ideal lady for your stag prank. The choice is yours!

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