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For the feller who's seen one too many standard strip shows, we proudly present the last word in erotic entertainment! The crown jewel of Prague's wild nightlife scene, the erotic lesbian show will leave every man jack of you gasping for breath. Interested? You'd have to be mad to turn this down!

In a private area of a centrally located bar, you'll be introduced to two lissom lovelies who waste no time in getting down - literally - with each other! The performance is XXX rated and perfectly judged, with plenty of anticipation and teasing before the main event.

What more could you possibly want from a stag weekend strip show? These girls are among the hottest in Prague, and with plenty of lesbian antics on the menu they're guaranteed to hold the boys' attention!

Grab a brew or a glass of brandy, clink to the big man's future happiness, then sit back and concentrate on his present delight. We're talking full frontal awesomeness with just the right balance of fun and erotica.

This is the ultimate stag weekend gift for the man who thinks he's done it all! The lads will love it and the groom will have the time of his life. And no, we won't tell the Mrs. It's all strictly hush hush and on the QT...

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