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As best man on a stag do, your duties are simple. You have to stop the groom from getting lost. You have to arrange some fun stuff for everyone to do. And you'll need to make sure the big man spends at least half an hour clinging to a really high obstacle, crying for his mum to come and take him home!

The high ropes course is the ultimate stag do prank-part adrenaline activity, part unique adventure, and all terrifying! Here's the drill. You send the boys up into a suspended obstacle course, featuring circuits of varying difficulty. They try their hardest to look tough, while instructors encourage them through the worst bits. Will the lads be able to cope with suspended bridges, ludicrously high swings and wobbly stepping stones in the air?

A mere 20 mins drive from Puerto Banus, this epic adventure centre has it all. Easy courses, medium courses, and courses so hard and scary they'd make Batman think twice! You can do each course as many times as you like, and if you find a favourite you can stick with it for the duration of your afternoon.

Every lad in the stag do gets his own climbing pack, stuffed with all the kit he needs to navigate the obstacles without falling to his doom. There's a harness, a smart carabiner setup, and a pulley that works on a belt track system. Attach the relevant bit of tech to the ropes and wires suspended in the trees, and you'll be swarming through the canopy like a bunch of hungover monkeys. Amazing.

In a nutshell:

  • 3 hours
  • 20 mins from Puerto Banus
  • 5 different circuits to try
  • Bring trainers, and clothes you don't mind getting dirty
  • A change of clothes is a good idea
  • Arrive half an hour before you are due to start
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