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Lock and load, chaps. It's time to unleash your inner Rambo!

We've found a hardcore paintballing centre just a short drive out of Puerto Banus, where you can get your kicks blasting the sh*t out of the main man in a bunch of high speed games. Charge through fields, kick ass from your stronghold in an abandoned outbuilding or go over the top and attack the enemy emplacement in the woods.

Paintballing is the hangover killer supreme, and a stag party favourite. Where else can you legally unload 200 paint-filled projectiles at your buddies from point blank range?

This is no normal paintball field. You're playing for high stakes in a real-world situation, not popping off a few stray rounds in a plywood set! Use the terrain to your advantage, and co-ordinate with your platoon to take the rest of the stag party by surprise with a classic pincer movement.

Get away from the bars for a few hours on Saturday afternoon and have some good clean fun. OK, so maybe 'clean' isn't the right word! You'll be covered in paint despite the overalls we provide (told you it was hardcore!). We recommend wearing clothes you're happy to get wasted. And filming your game of Hunt the Stag for wedding speech awesomeness.

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