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For stag parties that want more than your average level of craziness, sphering's the ultimate rush! Get your collective ass off the beach and head for the hills outside Puerto Banus. This one's going in the wedding slideshow...

You've got to do at least one mental thing on your stag do, and we reckon you'd be hard pushed to find a madder way to cure hangovers than this. Sphering is probably the maximum fun you can have outdoors without involving naked chicks and beer, and it's perfect for livening up the troops.

Climb inside a huge inflatable hamster ball, and laugh your ass off as your buds push you over the edge and get you rolling down a hill! Safely wrapped up in the inner chamber of the ball, you won't feel a thing - but the adrenaline hit you get from hurtling down a hill track at up to 27 miles per hour is unbeatable!

Been there, done that, got the t shirt? How about an aqua sphere? For an extra splash of total insanity, we'll fill the internal chamber of your sphere with 30 litres of water. It's the wettest, wildest ride you'll ever find on dry land!

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