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For a super soaking way to banish hangovers and get your stag party back on top drinking form, you can't beat a dip in the ocean. Unless it's a dip in the ocean combined with a massive inflatable obstacle course, a la Total Wipeout or those crazy fight sets from Gladiators! Slip, slide and bounce your way to watery happiness, wash the late-night fuzziness out of your brain and come out ready to get back in the groove. Taking place in a water park just up the road from Puerto Banus, this daytime activity is convenient, adrenaline-filled and tons of fun.

The inflatable water course is all yours for one hour. Conquer the huge yellow bridges, slides, trampolines and 'water pits', race each other around the bouncy game board like a bunch of overexcited kids - and don't forget to gang up on the stag for the dunking of his life!

Hungover boys are welcome to splash and slide their way back to an even keel. You won't get into the Puerto Banus water park if you're actually drunk, though, so lay off the beers until afterwards for this one. By the time your stag party has towelled off, you'll all be ready for a few cervezas in the sun!

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Water Wipe Out

This Package Includes

  • Water Wipe Out
  • Bar Crawl
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

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