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A stag party army doesn't march on beer alone! Get the troops fuelled up and ready to go with this epic two course meal.

We'll take your stag party to a great venue in Reading, where the menu is delicious and the staff are totally up for serving big groups of blokes who are out on the beer. Stuff your faces with a top-quality feed, wash the lot down with a free drink, and go forth into the town to hit those shots!

There are plenty of reasons why you should book your stag party meal in advance. Reading gets busy on the weekend, and you need to know you've got a table that's big enough for everyone. Not every restaurant is happy to serve stags, so it's vital that you're booking with a little local knowledge. And by booking and paying in advance, you avoid all that embarrassing 'he ate this, I ate that' stuff at the end of the evening!

No-one wants to spend ages trying to sort out a complex bill for a bunch of fellers who've already got their beer heads on. While less organised stag parties are still arguing over who had the toffee pudding and who drank extra wine, you lot will be out the door and down the road.

Organising a great stag party in Reading is all about being prepared. As best man, it's your job to lead the men on a faultless mission to get hammered. So why give yourself extra stuff to worry about? Book your meal in advance, and all you have to do when dinnertime rolls around is eat.

In a nutshell:

  • 2 course meal
  • 1 drink per person
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