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Want a stag party activity that's guaranteed to prepare the big fella for married life? Look no further than blindfold driving! With no way of seeing where he's going, the only way the stag's going to complete the course is if he listens to you lot. Oh dear...

Like all great stag party activities, this one's based on a really simple concept. Find out what happens when you let a load of hungover lads be backseat drivers, for a man who can't see! Taking place at an adventure centre near Reading, this blind driving challenge is a must if you want to do something completely memorable, totally hilarious, and utterly different.

You can't spend the whole of the weekend drinking in sports pubs. Well, you could, but you'd miss out on discovering the other side of Reading. This isn't just a town near London, you know! Reading is situated near some of the nicest countryside in Oxfordshire, and that's where you'll be going to test your powers of communication to the limit.

With no time to describe the route properly to the driver, his assistants must come up with quick, simple directions. The problem is, there's more than one of you yelling instructions from the back seat! Will he be able to understand what you're trying to get him to do in time, or will the lot of you end up in a ditch?

You might (well, OK, you probably will) end up straying off course, but you won't end up going the wrong way down an A road. We're putting an experienced driving instructor in the passenger seat, and she's got controls to stop the car if it all goes a bit wrong. Classic!

In a nutshell:

  • Stag party trust game
  • Takes place at a site near Reading
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