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Hunting for team events with a comedy twist? Do Build a Boat for your Reading stag party. Can you design and make a boat out of nothing but cardboard, plastic sheeting, sticks, a couple of tubes and packing tape? Here's the really tricky bit: it needs to stay afloat because you'll be racing it round a buoyed course on a lake! Time's tight, materials are limited and the heat is on. Can you make the most of what you've got, work as a team and smash the competitive bit? Step up to the challenge and find out!

Split into teams of four and pool your skills and knowledge to build a boat. Easier said than done when you haven't got much time. Will you keep your cool and come up with a smart design or just slap on a load of packing tape and pray it floats? When you're done, the instructors hand out the paddles and invite you to get your boats in the water. Which boat will stay afloat long enough to get round the buoys and win?

Show off your construction skills, get creative with cardboard, and howl laughing as you watch the boats take to the lake. No two boats are ever the same and one always sinks like a stone!

In a nutshell:

  • Build a Boat team event
  • Make a boat out of cardboard and race on a lake
  • Buoyed course
  • Makeshift paddles and materials provided
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