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Got nerves of steel? You'll need them to complete the catwalk challenge! Do this as part of a stag weekend adventure package, and you'll be pumped on adrenaline for days.

Catwalks aren't just for models, lads! Your challenge is to walk from one end of the log to the other without falling off. Sounds simple, until you realise the log in question is 5 m above ground level...

5 m is nothing, right? No problem! Except that 5 m is massive, when you're standing on top of a really thin bit of wood. You see, the catwalk log is about the same width as your foot. Oh, and you have nothing to hold onto while you cross it. Stick your arms out, start walking-and don't look down!

If you make it to the end of the 5 m catwalk, we dare you to step up a level and try the 10 m version! For those of you who don't know how to convert measurements, that's a whopping 33 ft above ground level. It's like walking along a beam the height of your house, with nothing to stop you falling except your own sense of balance.

This is a great adrenaline challenge for your stag weekend in Reading, especially if you put it in a package with some of the other activities available at the adventure centre. The question is, have you got the nuts to do it?

In a nutshell:

  • Walk along a balance beam 5 or 10 m in the air, with nothing to hold onto
  • Professional instructor
  • All safety gear

This activity is usually combined with others to make a package.

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