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Clay pigeon shooting is awesome. It's also the only stag do activity in which you're legitimately allowed to 'pull' a 'bird'. And you can do it dressed as posh fellers. What's not to love?

Blow the living sh*t out of clay discs as they hurtle from traps. Wear monocles and call each other 'old chap'. Use actual shotguns loaded with real shells. At this outstanding shoot just outside Reading, the instructors give you the best chance of dusting the clay birds ('dusting' means blowing them to smithereens in midair), thanks to a unique training approach.

You'll start your shoot with a crack at a 'going away' clay. That's a bird shot away from you on a straight trajectory. These clays are the perfect way to get your eye in. Once you've learned to trust your instincts, pointing and shooting without thinking, you'll be dusting everything that flies across your line of sight!

Clay pigeon shooting is probably the hardest stag do shooting activity there is. If you can blow a moving target out of the sky, you can hit anything! Don't be surprised if it takes you a few goes to get used to whipping the gun to your shoulder and blasting away. Most people have a strong urge to aim carefully, and you'll need to use up a few rounds un-learning that impulse. But that's OK, because you've got 30 shells each.

In a nutshell:

  • 30 shots per person
  • Get your eye in with a 'going away' bird
  • All equipment and safety gear
  • Takes place at an outdoor shoot near Reading
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