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There's a lot more to Reading than drinking all day sat by the River Thames. Of course, that sounds pretty good as well. The big lad will be expecting more than just a session by the river, surely? Don't panic, were not about to let him down with Football Darts. This activity will keep everyone happy and make the groom very proud.

So, do you reckon you have the skills to succeed in this double whammy sporting activity? It's not just one activity. It's combining two of the best. Two of the UK's favourite sports to give you the best activity known on the stag scene. Forget the throwing the dart or diving to save a football. With Football Darts there's a stupidly oversized inflatable dart board as well as velcro footballs. And to top it off, we will even add in your very own event coordinator to make sure you and the lads don't have to score. This activity has it all, with targets and the highest scores to reach, as well as trying to get the bulls eye. Shows the lads who really is the master of all sports!

In a nutshell:

  • Football meets darts
  • Large inflatable dart board and velcro footballs
  • On hand event staff to keep the score
  • Group photo
  • 60 minute session
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