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Scare the balls off the groom with this insane high-ropes combo! The ultimate challenge for your stag do in Reading, the High Vine Combo will see the lads wandering up an inclined log, traversing suspended wires, and swinging from vines. Eek.

The combo starts with the Inclined Log: a challenge that's way harder than it looks. After all, it can't be that tough walking up a log, right? Wrong! Even though this beam is wrapped in rope to give your feet extra grip, it's a long and difficult journey from the ground to the end. Harnessed for safety, you'll be challenged to walk straight up without using your hands. Can you make it?

Next up is the Postman's Walk: a high ropes legend, and one of the hardest activities out there. Holding onto a wire above your head, and standing on another wire, you're going to walk sideways across a massive drop. With every step you take, the ropes above and below you sway alarmingly, changing your centre of balance. We dare you not to scream!

So you've made it past the first two challenges. Can you conquer the High Multivine, and become a stag do legend? This one's all about swinging. Grab hold of the hanging ropes, and swing from one to the other without falling off the rope you're walking on. Arrgh!

In a nutshell:

  • At an adventure centre on the edge of Reading
  • Inclined Log
  • Postman's Walk
  • High Multivine
  • Professional instruction
  • All safety equipment
  • Can be a standalone stag do activity, or part of a package adventure day
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