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Think you've done all the stag weekend driving activities there are? Think again! Forget go karts, lads. Get behind the controls of a hovercraft and you won't just drive. You'll fly.

This outdoor activity centre near Reading has both water and land courses. If you fly during the wet season, you'll be doing it on the water. If you come in summer, the boys will be pitting their wits against a purpose-built obstacle course. Can you manoeuvre your hovercraft through the poles without spinning out?

Super-responsive and prone to sliding, a hovercraft is completely different to a car. According to Jeremy Clarkson, though, it's the most fun you can have with an engine. And if anyone knows what they're talking about when it comes to motorised antics, it's him!

There are no brakes, and no steering wheel. Instead, you speed up and slow down with throttle control, and move steering rudders with a pair of handlebars. Don't expect to go where you want just by shifting the rudders, though! To get your hovercraft moving in the right direction, you'll also need to throw your weight into the turn.

Think ice driving, but with less traction. Being in a mini hovercraft is a bit like being a puck on an air hockey table! Smooth and steady will get you carving up the obstacles like a pro. Jerk the tiller too much, or shift your weight too suddenly, and you'll be flying off the course in a backwards direction.

This is the ultimate in hilarious stag weekend driving, and just what you need if you've got a morning-after headache! Get the lads out in the country for some proper fun.

In a nutshell:

  • Year-round availability
  • Water features or land-based obstacles (depends on the time of year)
  • Novice-friendly controls
  • Close to Reading
  • 600cc
  • Single seater hovercrafts
  • Specially built tracks
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