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Get the team strip out! You're doing human table football on your Reading stag party. It's just like the pub game, only in this version, you lot are the players. Your arms are attached to soft poles with Velcro. You can only move left and right, which makes getting possession of the ball a right mission. Split into teams and compete in a quick league competition that consists of fast, furious and very funny games.

Human table football is one of the best Reading stag party activities for team work. Pull in opposite directions and you'll make a right balls of it! You need to move together as one big team and react quickly to defend your own goal and attack. Can you do it when the clock's ticking? Bums will be fallen on and at least one stag will completely stack it. If you like slapstick, you're gonna love this!

This funny, frustrating twist on five-a-side will have you roaring laughing and shaking your fists. Well, it would if you could get them out of the damn hand straps! If you're after Reading stag party ideas that will bond the lads and get the banter going, human table football is the way forward.

In brief:

  • Human table football tournament
  • Fast games in a short league-style event
  • 5 or 6 to a team is ideal
  • All equipment supplied, including soft foam ball
  • Activity site located very near Reading, just off the M4
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