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Ever watched the bobsleigh teams on the Winter Olympics and thought 'I could do that'? Or just love Cool Runnings? Either way, you're in for a medal-winner of a treat when you rock up in Riga. Gentlemen, we present the most ball-shrivelling activity on the stag party calendar!

There's a purpose built Olympic bobsleigh run near Riga, and we're taking you there for a stag party afternoon activity that'll scare the pants off even the hardiest extreme sports junkie. Question is, have you got the nuts?

Everyone gets two cracks at the course, first time round to wet themselves with fear and the next to enjoy every split second of the 80kmph run! Believe us, when you're rocketing round hairpin bends in a metal tube, that feels fast. If you happen to have a handy Go Pro camera in the group, we'd recommend bringing it along and fixing it to a helmet. You'll get footage that's YouTube gold.

In the summer, you go down the drop on a wheeled bobsled. If it's winter, you'll be riding on ice. Bring long sleeved and long legged clothing no matter what time of year, and winter clothes for ice runs. You'll be given protective gear and a full training session before you get out on the course.

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